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Grypmat Review


Our Grypmat review will help you understand what it is, what it is used for and if you should buy one or not.

For more details about grip mat shark tank follow the link, it was first revealed on the show and has become a big hit ever since.

Grypmat Review

Our Grypmat review reveals that this invention is very useful indeed, however it is absolutely not for everyone.

So who is the Grypmat for?

Well it's for people that work on uneven surfaces and need somewhere to store their tools while they work to save time.

If you fall into this category then you will find the Grypmat very useful.

It comes in small, medium and large.

The small Grypmat is good for holding bolts and other small items like screws and nails.

The medium size Grypmat is good for holding a handful of toole like hammers and screwdrivers.

The large Grypmat can hold more tools on it, this is intended for larger jobs.

Will it help you?

That is the big questions.

I know most people will find this useful.

It provides you with a flexible place to put your tools to help you work faster.

Grypmat On Shark Tank

Grypmat On Shark Tank

You can find out more and buy the various options on the company’s website. I invented the Grypmat to prevent these issues, and to make it truly easy to keep tools and hardware within comfortable reach - so you can just focus on the work in front of you,” says founder Tom Burden. I was tired of my tools slinging off the aircraft and not really having a place to set them,” he says. Elaborating, he says that it’s difficult to keep his tools organized while working on the jet—given the plane’s slanted surface. Grypmat performs well as a tool/caddy on helicopters, on top of wings or on any part of an aircraft that you made need to be working on. Grypmat started off life based around the aviation industry, so it has been tailored to perfectly assist you with any job you may be working on with an aircraft. UT electrical engineers Ngalula Mubenga, PhD, and Tom Stuart, PhD, have innovated a bilevel equalizer to extend the life of large battery packs at a lower cost. To my astonishment, Tom (creator) listened and reformulated the mat.

Maker Tom Burden has come a long way from working as an F-16 mechanic for the U.S. Using a Grypmat will be part of a new way of thinking when working with tools in any environment. Tool mat with two small compartments and a large field for hand tools. Grypmats are made of a polymer-silicone blend that results in a versatile tool tray that is non-slip, non-magnetic, chemical-resistant, and anti-static which protects sensitive electrical components. An essential tool for the trade professionals, mechanics, tinkerers, gadget junkies and DIY-ers alike, the original Grypmat is a multi-purpose product that will keep your tools and hardware in place, no matter where you want to put them. Tools stay put and the whole setup wipes clean with a damp cloth. The Grypmat is made of a polymer-silicone blend that can stick to a variety of work surfaces, and secure tools at angles of up to 70 degrees. The flexible nature of the item means that you can fold it any way and it will retain its original shape.

It will also hold all tools even if they are made from plastic. Will the Air Force engineer be returning to Shark Tank for an update on the Grypmat anytime soon? As far as the next step goes, the engineer reveals that he plans on creating more products that can integrate with the Grypmat. The patent-pending material has no magnets and can be easily cleaned after each use. We see the use of Grypmats expanding into other categories like medical and industrial environments. At this point, you can just select the package that you want to use. M61A1 Techs can put a few tools in their pockets and leave the rest on a rolling cart on the ground next to the aircraft-neither of which are very convenient. They’re curved and painted - and things just don’t stay where they are put. He would sell what he had and re-invest everything into more product. He continued to develop the product before its debut at Oshkosh 2016 EAA AirVenture, the world’s largest air show.

Check out the product pitch video below to see this awesome mat in action. For instance, the product currently has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, out of nearly 50 reviews. Made out of a special polymer-silicone blend, its specific properties allow it to be used on a variety of work surfaces—even at extreme angles. Special thanks to Lucas for the feature image! Grypmat is a rubber mat that keeps tools organized and within reach. Keep tools organized across any surface with the flexible, skid-resistant, non-marring Grypmat. And, since the Grypmat flexes, it can conform to the contours of whatever you set it on. Registered users (i.e., journalists) can download photography, video and press materials from here, a media access- only website. If it gets dirty you can simply wash it in soap and water and make it clean again. You can earn Amazon gift cards for sharing Grypmat coupons on Dealspotr.

If you are still unsure after reading our Grypmat review take a look at a video to see it in action.

For more information about the Grypmat visit

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